Born in Shanghai, China in 1962, Shimo is one of the most prestigious and respected Chinese artists. Shimo immigrated to United State in 2003 as an “artist of extraordinary talent” and settled in Sacramento, California.

People tend to imagine an artist wearing scruffy clothes, but Shimo always dresses elegantly. He is a person of perfection in his art as well as in his image. As much as his art is appreciated, so is Shimo appreciated as a person. He has many admirers in China as well as in the US.

Shimo has a penchant for Lotus flowers and is a master of painting them. A traditional symbol in Chinese culture, the lotus flower denotes purity, holiness and peace, traits that Shimo models for himself as well as his art. Shimo pours his emotions into his Lotus flowers, and they are reflections of his soul.

Shimo’s foray into painting swans earned him high accolades from the artistic community. The white swan, a universal symbol of loftiness and tranquility, is closely related to his beloved lotus flowers. His swans express a sense of harmony and perfection. Shimo wishes all people to live thier life like the white swan, with inner peace and outward grace.

Shimo believes an artist’s inspiration comes from his life experience and an artist’s work can be applied to people’s daily life. With this in mind, he has painted a series of dresses. On the human body, the beauty of his painting is vividly expressed in three dimensions.

Shimo’s latest adventure is making porcelain – melding the tradition of Chinese Blue and White porcelain with western expressionism in a 1400 degree kiln. His continuing quest for new forms of expression sets him apart from a sea of contemporary Chinese artists.

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